How Much Will My Project Cost?

We at Paragon Hardscapes pride ourselves on being the best Hardscape Installation company in the Knoxville area. From the products we use, to employee training, to best practices, we combine those attributes to produce a product that your family and friends will enjoy for years. Specifically, we specialize in the installation of outdoor living spaces and patios, driveways, pool decks, and segmental retaining walls using concrete pavers and retaining wall products from 2-3 manufacturers. The very first questions clients want and need to know is “How much will my project cost?”. The answer to that question is, it depends.  

One way to think of the cost is to compare the process to car shopping. Like car shopping there are loads of manufacturers, dealerships, and options with each and every vehicle on the road. It really begins with what you need the vehicle to do and then moves to what you want. If you need a pickup truck to haul stuff in the bed and be the best bud to help your friends move, you might start out looking at basic models. If you move equipment, like to haul your own mulch, or live the Glamping life, you may think about stepping up the truck to something that will handle larger loads. The same goes for a car. Is it a gas-friendly commuter vehicle to get back and forth to work or will it be a showpiece that makes a statement? Hardscapes are very similar. The first thing we want to find out is what you need. Patios and Outdoor Living Spaces are a great place to start. These spaces have many material options as well as upgrades that take the space from utilitarian to epic showpieces. If you only need a place to set up a few chairs and a grill area, it can be a compact, intimate space for a few people to gather. If you need a place for family and friends to gather, we would want to think about a larger space and some upgrades to go along with the patio.  

Patio and Outdoor Living Options 

Once the initial space is decided upon, the next conversation will be how you imagine the area will be used. Are you a BBQ enthusiast cooking for a group while the game is playing? You may want to consider an outdoor grilling area. Want a cozy place to spend the evening? Think about having a fire feature installed. Outdoor Living Spaces and Patios are also a great opportunity to install Low-Voltage Lighting and outdoor sound systems.  

With a wide variety of options, we will go over some average costs of the space you’re thinking about. Our typical patio in the 300-500 square foot range will be priced between $15,000-$25,000. With some options like Low-Voltage Lighting, fire pit, and seating wall, your price range could increase to $25,000-$35,000. There are also options like Pergolas and Pavilions that are great additions to create shade and a place to hang out. These options can range from $10,000 to $90,000. 

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