Design Options to Fit Your Needs

Pavers offer so many beautiful and amazing choices that choosing can sometimes be the hardest part. Let us help you create and realize the best glamor look for your backyard with simple or complex design options to fit your needs.

Simple Sketch

Some jobs just need some simple drawings to lay out the basic idea. This service is included with any in-person consultation.

Standard Fee Range: $100-$250

Includes: Onsite consultation, design, and planning, up to 2 hours, within 1-hour drive time from Knoxville.

Premier Designs

Projects that are larger in scope and/or complexity may require more than a simple sketch. In these cases, we're happy to provide a quality premium service.

Standard Fee Range: $1,000-$3,000

Includes: Conceptual design of key elements such as patio, driveway, or pool deck, hardscape and lighting, etc., as well as a detailed estimate.

Engineering Services

Spaces over four square feet need to be engineered, to ensure stability and manage other factors such as rainwater.

Standard Fee Range: Variable

Includes: Onsite evaluation of existing surfaces and applications to determine appropriate materials selection, design, and remediation requirements.

Pool Deck Project Budgets

Pool decks tend to range between $30 and $50 per sq. ft., so the size of your pool and the surrounding area you want to cover are the most significant factors, while finishes make up the rest of the difference. If you need some idea of what a typical project may cost, some estimates are provided below.


Small pool deck project

An estimate for a pool deck around the size of a 10 x 20 pool with a 4-ft surround.


Medium-sized Pool Deck

For a bigger pool, such as 12 x 24, with a larger 8-ft. surround.


Large Pool Deck

To cover a large pool, ~15 x 30, with a large pool deck with 15-20 ft. surround.

Top-Notch Products

An Excellent Experience From Start to Finish

Phone Consultation

Ranges for project costs can be found on our service pages. Prospective customers are invited to share project details online, followed by a phone consultation to fill in any gaps and give or receive answers about budgets & processes.

Start a Consultation

Confirmation & Design

After our initial phone consultation, a project manager will meet the client onsite to confirm details and initiate either a simple design drawing or a detailed digital design, depending on complexity.

Product Scheduling
& Communication

At the time of booking, you will be given an estimated start date for your project. Weather and other delays can cause some variance, with a typical variance ranging from 4 to 6 weeks. We strive to proactively communicate throughout this time period and weekly during project execution, but invite additional questions, as needed.

Show Off &
Enjoy Your Space

Our creations are meant to be functionally and aesthetically pleasing. Consequently, we strive to make every detail of every feature something that will be your pride and joy for years to come.

Superior Warranties

Paragon Hardscapes is proud to go above and beyond manufacturer's warranties, offering a 20-Year Transferable Warranty Against Degradation or Settling Issues.

Shiny, Happy Reviews

And now a word from our patrons…

  • Great people! Never missed an appointment and were so easy to schedule. I would highly recommend Brian and his crew. Great work too!
    - Karin Langan
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  • - Stephen Harris
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